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There is a Wolf There, Folks - March 4, 1997

Richard Brian McCarty

During much of President Clinton's first term, Republicans and others fired shots in every direction. There was Filegate, Travelgate, Paula Jones, Whitewater, and Vince Foster. Each time people with their hearts in the right places seemed to get carried away and spoke their minds too soon. Thus, when this or that allegation seemed not to have the substance it was argued to have, the Republicans looked like the boy who cried wolf. Coupled with excellent spin doctoring by the Clinton Administration, any new allegation raised is now met with a degree of skepticism--even by some Republicans.

Alas, there is a wolf in the White House after all. And, hopefully the people of the town will wake up before they find themselves plundered by it. The wolf's name is Bill. He has teamed up with a wolf named Al to carve up the prestige of the Presidency and the Vice-Presidency for campaign contributions to support the Democratic Party.

Perhaps some of you reading this will think I am crying wolf. Well, take a look for yourselves. We have a memo, in the President's handwriting, giving the go ahead for contributors to sleep overnight in the Lincoln bedroom. And, we have the evidence that the Vice President made phone calls soliciting contributions to the Democratic coffers.

First and foremost, if the White House, Air Force One, Camp David, or the Vice Presidential residence or offices were used for partisan purposes outside the scope of the Presidency, (we can not expect a President to not discuss his political fortunes, etc. outside of his home, and Air Force One has to be used for a sitting President to fly on, etc.), then the President, and members of his Administration have committed illegal acts. Let me make that clear--not unethical acts, which can be spun by the media, but illegal, which are constitutional grounds for impeachment.

And, we have the Vice-President of the United States, on film, attending a fund raiser in a Buddhist Temple. Federally elected officials can not attend fund raisers in religious institutions. Unless I am wrong, Buddhism is a religion, and a Temple is one of their institutions. So, we have an impeachable offense against the Vice-President of the United States.

But, before you whet your appetites with the thought of Clinton going home to Little Rock and Gore heading back to Tennessee, keep in mind that before the Impeachment process can begin, the public has to be made ready for it. And, that will be hard to do.

Whitewater, for all it's investigations, seems to only be a blessing for the Clinton Administration. It contains minor offenses at best. Frankly, most people can not understand what laws were broken, and what the laws even were. I have a law degree, and I had a hard time putting it all together. It is hardly the thing to get the people in an uproar.

Yet, the Republicans pressed on, and they got little in return. But, Clinton got the basis to have Mike McCurry tell the media, " There are just more allegations made by the Republicans." He implies of course, that the Republicans just make up the stuff as they go along. And, as confusing as Whitewater is, about half the people in the country buy it. The thought is, the little boy has cried wolf so many times, do you really think he sees one now?

Ah, but he does. And Fred Thompson sees a big one. I predict he will skip the little stuff about the Lincoln bedroom. He will go to the heart of the matter and show us a wolf that is clear to see.

Sunday, on the talk shows, Thompson said he wants to look at what role foreign countries played in Democratic fund raising. If they contributed, it was illegal. But, Americans won't dwell on that technical law. But, if they made contributions in return for favors from the President of the United States in policy matters, then you have treason. Everyone knows that word. Everyone knows what it means.

That will be a heck of an allegation to make stick. But, as things are, the only way to get the people to listen to the cries of wolf, is to show the wolf devouring its prey. It's prey will be the interests of the United States versus those of the nations that contributed funds. And, the ramifications will be the most shamed administration in history.

And, signs of what is coming may be seen by the admissions of former Vice President Walter Mondale, of all people. Mondale let it be known he never solicited funds for the campaign or party while he was Vice President. Mondale was Clinton's Ambassador to Japan for the first term. He has every reason to be loyal to the Administration that dug him out of retirement. But, he allowed his actions to be known. I believe he does not want his name with the wolves' in history. He sees what is coming.

There will be complicated forces at work in Washington over the next year. The Democrats will fight tooth and nail over every issue. They will deride former Presidents Bush and Reagan, (though Bush has released all of his guests at the White House, and the Reagan Library plans to do the same for Reagan). They will go after Thompson, Lott, and Gingrich. They will have to get the minds of the people confused. For, if it is found out that treason was committed, they will be a political party no more. Richard Nixon did not even come close to treason with his scandals, yet it harmed the Republican party for years.

So, what we will have is a struggle for power not seen in Washington in a long time. The Democrats will talk of the little boy who cries wolf, while the Republicans will show picture after picture of the wolf.

When the Democrats tell us all about the boy who cried wolf, they should be reminded of the real lesson of the story. When every cry is not checked out, a wolf just might eat your sheep. To me the fable begs the people to check out the cries more instead of ignoring them. ( I would like to see James Carville come back to that one.) It is time to see what all the cries are about.

Richard Brian McCarty has worked on several political campaigns of conservatives. He holds a Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina and a BS degree from Lander University. An experienced writer, McCarty's columns are written from a distinctly Southern point of view. He is sometimes Southern, sometimes conservative, sometimes humorous, and sometimes all three.

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